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DayZ Gameplay - Dayz of Our Lives: Life 2

How far would you go for a friend? Would you share your food? Would you risk your life? ...Would you sacrifice it to keep them safe? DayZ brings out the best...

DayZ of our Lives: Life1

We look at a single life in DayZ. Loot and death wait around every corner. Sniper fire, zombies, and the never ending quest for food and drink are constant u...

Let's Play DayZ - Episode 5

Do you want to watch me run for 7 minutes?! Of course you do! Don't miss any of the axe jogging action as we run to the next town IN REAL TIME! Those OTHER w...

Let's Play DayZ - Episode 4

We cover a lot of ground, find a map, kill some Zs and hey did you know crowbars can float? In Alpha they do!

Let's Play DayZ - Episode 3

We get better at killing zombies, staying quite, and making better axe puns. Watch as we swing from house to house, getting a better grip on the mechanics an...

Let's Play DayZ - Episode 2

We move fast, but cautiously through the zombie apocalypse. I show you how to check a building quickly and keep moving. Also we get surprise attacked. Be car...

Let's Play DayZ - Episode 1

We make a run for some goods, axe some zombies and my character bitches the ENTIRE TIME.