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  Waking up in an abandoned hospital with only your cell phone for illumination, you explore the institution’s dark criminal past as you attempt to escape. In Daylight no two experiences are the same, as it creates a different environment filled with new content and encounters for each game. Built using Unreal Engine 4, the next generation of the award winning technology from Epic Games, Daylight features include real time dynamic global illumination, subsurface scattering, dynamically lit particles and eye adaptation.

Daylight Review

Successful horror is 90% unpredictability and 10% actual creepiness. Look no further than Slender: The Eight Pages for a perfect example -- the monster itself looks ridiculous, but it gave so many people nightmares because it was unpredictable. Daylight is a new game that attempts to expand on Slender's concept but fails utterly in that vital 90%. Daylight wears its game design on its sleeve.  You use glowsticks to light the way, you use flares to ward off ghosts, you look for five pages, you find a key, and you open a door. Rinse and repeat three more times and you’re done. From top to bottom, this randomly generated game is ironically more predictable than any horror game should be. Its systems are laid bare for the player -- anyone who plays games regularly will... Read Review

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There are currently no cheats available for Daylight.