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Dawn of Fantasy for PC and Xbox 360

Dawn of Fantasy


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Dawn of Fantasy is Reverie World Studio's flagship project. It is an innovative Real Time Strategy (RTS) game that represents a significant evolution of the fantasy RTS genre. Our product incorporates many of the successful features of today's most competitive RTS products, but additionally introduces numerous innovative features long-desired by the RTS player community. Aiming for a summer 2007 release, Dawn of Fantasy will contain inventive, exciting new content that will compete with top AAA titles. Utilizing Reverie World Studio's own Mithrill engine, Dawn of Fantasy introduces a city construction system as well as user-friendly Siege combat gameplay. Featuring Elves as a playable civilization as well as Men and Orcs, players battle for supremacy in the magical realm of Mythador, Dawn of Fantasy immerses players in an intense story-driven single player experience and lasting dual-mode multiplayer experience.

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