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The great Apocalypse of legend has come as you take on the role of War, one of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and rain judgment and destruction down upon the Earth. However, not all is as it seems when you discover that you and your fellow Horsemen have been implicated for the premature destruction of Earth and are swept up in a conspiracy between the forces of Heaven and Hell. Banished and stripped of your powers, embark on an epic quest of revenge and redemption as you battle angels and demons to restore your awesome abilities and seek out who betrayed you.

Darksiders Review

THQ and Vigil Games have delivered a fine action-adventure title to build a franchise around. In a desperate time when the genre is falling on the short side of the stick, Vigil Games went to the drawing board and came up with a fantastic title that draws from many video game classics. War, the lead character of the action title, is thrust into a conspiracy to have him be the fall guy for the demise of mankind and the start of the apocalypse. Out to clear his name, War must go to extreme lengths to find out the truth and nature of the betrayal. The story itself wasn’t exactly groundbreaking; it followed the standards of the genre as War battled consecutive bosses who were the key to gaining access to the final boss stage. Each boss had a weakness that War had to exploit, and... Read Review

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