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Media: Darkest of Days Weapons Video

Darkest of Days has been having a little bit of a Public Relations blitz this week; they have recently released the official box art for the game, which features a curious Stargate-like time portal (time gate?) and an oddly placed volcano on the box, fascinating to say the least. Odd images aside, the team for Darkest of Days have released a humorous weapons training video that will assist you in the coming game. What makes me most happy about this video is that it shows the game is a little self-aware. There have been numerous games that try to put a different spin on weapons such as shotguns and rocket launchers, but this game knows what it is and simply states during the video "it's a shotgun". In all reality, that's all you need to know. I haven't heard much buzz about this game, but there does seem to be something appealing about going back in time and fighting Roman soldiers with machine guns. Regardless of whether or not I get to have a shoot out with Ceasar through the "time gate" on top of a volcano, the title hits the Xbox 360 September 8th. Read More


Guitar Hero 5's Entire Tracklist Revealed

Activision has released the last 15 tracks to complete their Epic 85 song list for the next installment of Guitar Hero. The notables to mention are Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit", Queen and David Bowie's "Under Pressure" and the legendary Johnny Cash song "Ring of Fire". As promised, the entire 85 track list will be available from the moment you pop the disc into your system. The game is set to start shipping September 1st, so plan your late night early morning accordingly. Hit the jump to check out the last 15 songs as well as the full track list for Guitar Hero 5. Read More