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Darkest Dungeon Review

  Dark, deadly, deep, difficult, debilitating. There’s almost a sense of irony to the name Darkest Dungeon with how many words beginning with the letter “D” you can use to describe the game. Difficult is word that is now so often used to advertise games these days. To give it prowess, intimidate you and even empower you to take it on. There’s a certain pride that comes with playing and succeeding at difficult games. Others look upon you with envy when you describe how close you came to dying for the thousandth time, and when you’re behind the controller (or the mouse and keyboard), the feeling of narrowly escaping death is a thrill that only difficult games can provide.  But difficult doesn’t even begin to describe Darkest... Read Review

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  • Darkest Dungeon Review

    Darkest Dungeon Review

    Daniel R. Miller Feb 29, 2016