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Imagine the joy of being able to fly through the air with zero restrictions. Not as a bird and not within a plane, but as a human with nothing more than a jet air pack strapped to your back. Just think about the many advantages in combat: you could soar above enemies and swoop down for an attack when they least expect it. A machine like that would be remarkable, provided that the FAA was given... Read Review

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Hard Reset Screenshot - 866826

Hard Reset Preview

Thanks to Evolve PR's new study on “shortened public relations campaigns”, you may not have heard of Hard Reset yet. The game, which was announce Read More


Red Faction Getting Downloadable Title As Part of Cross-Media Event

While many developers have utilized downloadable game services like Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network as ways to create unique, bite-sized games that wouldn't be able to fill up a disc, others have used it as a promotional tool, creating downloadable titles in order to promote upcoming major releases. Capcom has been the progenitor of this, with Bionic Commando Re-Armed used to promote a reboot of the titular series (and being a far better game in the process), Dark Void Zero for DSiWare being used to promote Dark Void (and also being a better game), and coming soon, a downloadable episode for Dead Rising 2 used as a prequel/demo. So THQ would also like to get into the downloadable action, as VP Danny Bilson told CVG that a Red Faction downloadable game will be released for XBLA and PSN "three to four months" before the March 2011 release of Red Faction: Armageddon. But unlike using the game as a marketing tool, THQ will use it as part of a massive cross-media event that could change the way games are marketed...and it isn't the only franchise they're doing it for. More after the cut. Read More


Capcom Reveals Their Hopes and Dreams for 2010... and Beyond

At Capcom's CES suite a couple of weeks ago, G4's Patrick Klepek asked Capcom's Vice President of Strategic Planning and Business Development, Christian Svensson, what the company hopes they will have accomplished by this time next year. "I'd love to say that we expanded the appeal of the Monster Hunter brand," he said in reference to the upcoming Wii title, Monster Hunter Tri. "I'd love to say we have laid the foundation for future Street Fighter success with Super [Street Fighter IV]. I would love to say that Lost Planet has become cemented as one of the key Capcom brands moving forward and is not a one-title success story but has been really successful there. I would love to say Dark Void was successful enough to see a sequel." But perhaps what he is looking most forward to this year is getting people excited about next year. Read More


"Capcom Surprise" on Jimmy Fallon Tonight

Snow of the Capcom Unity has made a post indicating that NBC's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon will have a "Capcom surprise" on tonight's episode at 12:35am EST (11:35pm Central). However, he will not disclose what the surprise is. I don't think anyone would blame me for saying that I have a strong hunch that it involves Dark Void in some capacity, perhaps even Dark Void Zero, both of which were released over the past two days. After all, he is their man-of-the-hour for providing the only copy of the NES game in existence to them so that they could create their DSiWare release. That, and he plays a part in the game itself. So, we'll tune in tonight to see what happens, and bring you up to speed tomorrow. Read More


Captain Jimmy Fallon, Dark Void Zero Star

If you've played Capcom's recently-released Dark Void Zero, you might have noticed that the game features the name of former Saturday Night Live star and Late Night Talk Show host Jimmy Fallon. If you have not, you can catch a glimpse via the image at your right (click to enlarge). While Tiny Cartridge doesn't understand Fallon's actual inclusion in the game he won, Eric Jones messaged me earlier to highlight something he left out of his story on Capcom's story behind the game. Apparently, being the first to own an upcoming Capcom game was not all the winner of the fabled contest received, but the winner would also get to star in it. While the game itself didn't score too highly with our reviewer, word is that Dark Void Zero is a lot of fun. With that said, one has to applaud Capcom for the effort put into their promotion of the game. Come to think of it, between this and Bionic Commando Rearmed, it almost seems as if the promotional games are winning over more fans than the games they were meant to promote. Read More