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The PC version of Dark Souls, which features additional conten.  The game takes place in the kingdom of Lordran, where the player character is an undead chosen to make pilgrimage.

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition Review

Lordran changes people. Indeed, the world of Dark Souls does nothing if not leave an impression on anyone who steps foot into its kingdom. Lordan is cold, unfeeling, and uncompromising. It's skeletons will slice you to pieces, bores will impale your organs, and rats will infest you with disease. With the PC release of Dark Souls fresh in our minds, it was time to revisit this unforgiving land. I couldn't have been more excited. My quest to re-enter Lordran was arduous. It seemed Dark Souls's reputation for being difficult had extended to simply launching the game. Every time I booted it up, the game window just hanged. Clicking anywhere on the screen would cause it to lock up and I would be forced to restart it. After about an hour of research, the shockingly... Read Review

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