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A sequel to From Softwares incredibly hard action RPG, which promises to deliver uncompromising difficulty, along with a new main character and new storyline.

Dark Souls II Review

I'll never forget that moment I became the dark lord.  All the Primordial Serpents bowed their treacherous heads to me while I held Lord Gwyn’s cold soul in hand. I knew the day Dark Souls II came out, I would have a brand new obsession. This game has been on the top of my most anticipated titles list since that mentioned moment, and it was only reinforced by the announcement that FromSoftware was in fact making the sequel. After years of waiting, that day has come, and it is glorious. Don't let my fanboy encrusted bias fool you, though. It’s the ones you love the most that you end up being most critical towards. FromSoftware has embarked on the mighty challenge that any sequel of a cult classic is forced to make: How do you improve upon... Read Review

Dark Souls 2 Complete Walkthrough & Guide

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Dark Souls II has been unleashed upon the masses, and that means fans get a whole new world to explore, monsters to slay, weapons to collect and level up, secrets to discover, and of course death, lots and lots of death. In our comprehensive playthrough of Dark Souls II, you'll get familiar with the world and its inhabitants, as we show you how to progress through the game, as well... View Guide

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There are currently no cheats available for Dark Souls II.