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The dead are waiting. They have stories to tell. Tales of darkness, loneliness and despair. Be careful you do not join them, as it could be an eternity until the next curious visitor opens that old, rotten door, to find you within. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. What tale would you tell? Would you know how to explain what happened, that dark night when your curiosity got the better of you? Would you be able to speak its name... the ancient name... or would you simply warn the new arrival to beware... to beware the Dark Fall.

Dark Fall: Lost Souls Review

In today’s age of big-budget, flashy games with huge art teams and fancy physics engines, Dark Fall: Lost Souls feels like a throwback to an earlier era of gaming. Even by adventure game standards, Lost Souls feels simplistic. The environments are mostly flat backgrounds. You can only turn at 90-degree angles. There’s minimal voice work and even less animation. Strictly from a gameplay perspective, you’ve probably experienced more complex games in the extras of a DVD. So I hated, right? Well, no. Dark Fall: Lost Souls is actually a pretty solid adventure game, thanks to a solid story told in an effective, minimalist style. The third game in the Dark Fall series, Lost Souls stand on its own just fine if you haven’t played the original titles. A first-person... Read Review

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    Dark Fall: Lost Souls - PC - Review

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