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1912 : A young cartographer, Parker, is sent to the Cornish harbour town of Trewarthan, where he is to map the lethal rocks that have claimed lives through the centuries. A thick fog rolls in from the English Channel as the faithful light of Fetch Rock Lighthouse is plunged into darkness, putting the lives of those at sea in peril. Parker is sent to investigate, where he discovers that Fetch Rock Lighthouse hides an ancient secret....

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Playing Tips

Unlock PC
Level 1- Press the square 2nd to the end. Now press first row 3rd square. Now press the 1st square. Level 2- Press the one on the second row 2nd to the last. Then the 1st row 4th square. Then 2nd row 2nd square. Level 3- Press the 2nd row 1st square. Then the 4th row 4th square, then the last row, last square. Level 4- Press the 3rd row 3rd square. Then 2nd row 3rd square. Then 1st row 3rd square.