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Dante's Inferno's Jonathan Knight Talks God of War, Sticking to the Source Material

Visceral Games' Jonathan Knight, executive producer and creative director for Dante's Inferno, said his team is "flattered" to be compared to the God of War franchise. Knight sat down with several gaming publications Monday night to talk about the upcoming game, based loosely off Dante Aligheri's "The Divine Comedy." Knight said that Sony's God of War is the top of the action genre right now and that it's a compliment to be mentioned in the same sentence as that storied franchise, as well as others in the genre. Read More


Dante's Inferno Book Cover Revealed, Reviled

Yesterday, we brought word that Electronic Arts and Del Ray books were joining forces to produce Dante's Inferno, the book based on the game based on the book that's actually a poem, if I have this right. Unfortunately, at the time, we had no cover to show you, but today, that has very clearly changed (just click the image at right for a larger version). Find some opinions about this work after the cut. Read More


Dante's Inferno is Divine on PS3

Electronic Arts is giving Sony a lot of love lately. First, they announce that Battlefield Bad Company 2's multiplayer beta will be initially exclusive to PS3, and now Sony has confirmed that, to go along with the just-released exclusive demo, EA and Visceral Games are cooking up a special PS3-only edition of Dante's Inferno that won't cost anything above the game's $59.99 price tag. Dante's Inferno: Divine Edition will include an in-game developer commentary, a digital art book, a soundtrack of the game's tunes, and a full digital version of the original poem by Dante Aligheri. Yes, you'll be able to read the real work, but you may be disappointed if you play the game first. Spoiler alert: Dante in the poem doesn't have an enormous scythe. Dante's Inferno will be unleashed on February 9, 2010. Read More