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Features over 50 songs including today's hottest pop hits. Dance to a new selection of full master tracks for an enhanced workout routine! Challenge yourself with new Double play functionality where a single player can play on two DanceDanceRevolution mat controllers at the same time! Check out our classic Workout Mode which shows you your fitness progress and stats. Enjoy all-new dance characters and compatibility with your Mii's + customizations! Easy pick-up-and play controls for dancers of every level. For new dancers, check out the DDR School Mode for training.

Dance Dance Revolution II Review

Widely known as the game to popularize moving your feet to the beat, DDR was a hit in arcades and eventually made its way to players homes on a plethora of systems. Though it was definitely the King of dancing games for quite some time, new developments in technology (such as motion controls and things like Kinect) have forced the dance genre to evolve past stepping on four arrow buttons. This is why I was confused when booting up Dance Dance Revolution II on the Wii, since it seemed like instead of the series taking a step forward, it took a few steps back. The thing is, I love DDR. Through my school years, you would constantly find me at the local arcade showing off my moves that I mastered while constantly playing at home. It wasn't just a game for me, it was almost an... Read Review

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