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Did You Know? There's More Than One Way to Kill an Xbox 360

By now, just about anyone who would call themselves a gamer knows of the infamy of the Xbox 360's three blinking red lights, the hardware failure known as the "Red Ring of Death." The problem has actually been so widespread and become so notorious that Microsoft extended the warranty for up to three years from the console's purchase as a result. But, did you know that the extended warranty applies only to the RRoD? If your Xbox 360 decides to croak from a hardware failure with only one red light, then you're on your own, unless you fork over half the cash for a new system. That is the hard lesson Consumerist reader Matthew learned recently, as he basically experienced "the wrong kind" of hardware failure. His story, inside... Read More


Media: Damnation Trailer

This is a trailer for Damnation, which is in development by Blue Omega Entertainment (it's the team's first game). The action-shooter is being published by Codemasters and is scheduled to release this November. Read More


Damnation Dev: Bioshock Should Have Failed

Talent, determination, and a whole lot of luck. This is neither the recipe for little girls (not enough "and everything nice") or jumping through a ring of fire. No, according to Damnation designer Jason Minkoff, it's the recipe for a successful first-person shooter. In Minkoff's opinion, Bioshock is a perfect object lesson about his method for game creation. "Take BioShock: no frigging way that thing should have actually worked out," he said. "Fantastic game, awesome design, and beautiful artwork, but the thing is a damn underwater Steampunk 1930s combo thing. How should that ever have done well? "But it's a damn good game. They just put their hearts into it and happened to hit the mark. And that's what we're trying to do." And he has a point. Before Bioshock launched, every journalist and their mom were heralding the game as the next great sleeper-hit. Well, actually, their moms were probably saying "What's a Bioshock?" which only proves my point. Yet somehow, through a combination of luck and hard work, Bioshock became a hit. So, if Bioshock is the map Damnation is following, I doubt it'll end up lost on its way to Albuquerque. Read More