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Dairojo! Samurai Defenders is an epic defense tower strategy game that spans the Edo period of Japanese history, where elite powerful Shoguns fought one another in the battle for feudal power and glory. Players select one of six historical Japanese castles to defend as they come up against highly skilled, ferocious enemy armies who attack across land, through tunnels underground and in the air as they attempt to capture your castle. Random and Vs mode, players will need to position their army units including Spears, Archers, Gunners, Generals and Cannons and halt the enemy attack before they reach the castle gates and take control. Dairojo! Samurai Defenders comes with the ability for two players to compete against one another in multiplayer via local wireless communication featuring DS Download Play.

Dairojo! Samurai Defenders - NDS Review

There's a new batch of downloadable tower defense games on the market practically every week, and on numerous platforms, so it's no surprise that the DS is graced with yet another entry through DSiWare. Dairojo! Samurai Defenders is a run-of-the-mill tower defense game with a samurai twist that takes place in the Edo period. It has a difficulty curve that makes me want to rip my hair out, and yet, I appreciate it that much more for the challenge.With no active tutorial (text instructions only), you're left to figure things out mostly on your own. The game wastes no time with introductions, and thrusts you into the map screen to pick one of 10 different castles to defend. The higher the star count, the higher the difficulty, or so the theory goes. I naturally began with the easiest... Read Review

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