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Crysis 2 Preview

When Crytek makes a game, we look. No, really, we go and see how amazing it looks, because they simply make the most stunning games around. So when C Read More


EA Labels Crysis 2 "Halo Killer"

Crysis 2 will be launching in the same release window as Halo: Reach towards the end of this year, but unlike PC-exclusive predecessors Crysis and Crysis Warhead, Crysis 2 will be making its way to consoles. As a result, comparisons and a face-off between the two heavyweights are inevitable. Heck, put Call of Duty: Black Ops into the fray, and we've got ourselves a classic first-person shooter-filled fall ahead of us. Hit the break for more. Read More


Crysis 2 Looks to set a New Benchmark

"...with Crysis 2 you will see the quality bar being set at a very high level that games will struggle to excel. We're aiming to set a whole new benchmark with that game for all PS3 games," explained Crytek's lead programmer, Michael Gl�ck, when talking about Crysis 2 and its sharp, refined graphics. Now that's a bold statement, yet not unreasonable. Perfectly rational. Why? Hit the cut. Read More


Crysis 2 to Retain Sandbox Level Design

Recent magazine stories on Crysis 2 reveal that Crytek is trying very much to preserve the free-form-style gameplay of the original, deliberately dispelling fans' fears. The Chief Executive Officer of Crytek told Finnish magazine Game Reactor that Crysis 2 will offer players larger environments and even more freedom than the first game did. "You are in charge," Cervat Yerli told the official American PlayStation Magazine. "The world reacts to your plans." Yerli indicated that Crysis 2 might be entirely made up of levels like the first game's mini sandboxes, laying out three major flaws he saw with the original Crysis. One of those was that the last portion of the game was overly linear. Read More


Media: Resistance 2 - Last Hours Trailer and Other Info

Are you going to make your last hours count? Also, 27 cent gas? Seriously? From a Sony event: In regards to the upcoming Resistance 2 Sony had this information to divulge:There will be a massive 60 map/mode combinations available for online play.The game will offer 100 hours of cooperative play, separate to the single-player campaign.The MyResistance website will be launching properly in two weeks.Single-player will be 10-12 hours on normal difficulty.Insomniac will definitely not be releasing any episodes as DLC like they did with Ratchet & Clank.The co-op and single-player are different campaigns, but tell the same story from a different perspective (like Cyrsis and Crysis Warhead).The updated was modelled on -- Gameplayer Read More


Crysis Warhead Exists, Descartes Not So Sure

Yup, it's a bald space marine. Well, ok, he trades lead with his foes mostly on earth, so the "space" moniker isn't so apt. Anyway, this picture of innovation -- which came from the official Crysis website represents confirmation of a trademark developer Crytech filed a while back. Unfortunately, no one knows what the hell Crysis Warhead is, exactly. My guess? The oft-rumored/kinda-confirmed console version of Crysis. But only time will tell. Read More