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Crysis 2 for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3

Crysis 2 drops players into a devastated New York in the midst of an attack by a frightening alien species

Crysis 2


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Review Rating 8.5 Great
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Whether played in 3D or standard 2D, Crysis 2 drops players into a devastated New York in the midst of an attack by a frightening alien species. The alien enemies are armed with deadly weaponry and exceptional sensory abilities that test players’ skill and push them to the limit. These terrifying invaders stalk the streets of New York, leaving the streets in chaos and the skyline in flaming ruin. Surrounded by catastrophic destruction, players harness the superhuman abilities of the Nanosuit to level the playing field, becoming the ultimate weapon on a mission to save New York.

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Crysis 2 'DirectX11: Ultra Upgrade' Trailer

EA and Crytek are giving Crysis 2 a facelift by giving PC gamers full DirectX11 support. Enhancing the Crysis 2 gaming experience on PC, the Crysis 2 Ultra Upgrade delivers higher quality visuals and features including tessellation, water rendering improvements, high quality HDR motion blur, and much more. The Crysis 2 Ultra Upgrade is available via an auto installation once gamers go online with Crysis 2 on PC.

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Amazon Deal of the Day: $20 off Crysis 2

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