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Gears of War 3 Screenshot - 848040

Gears of War 3 Review

2011 is definitely the year of the threequel when it comes to video games. We’ve already seen the third chapters in the Killzone and Resistance sag Read More


More info on the 3DS

  You've heard by now that the 3DS will be coming to the United States on March 27 for $250. That's great, with some pretty fantastic titles on the way. However, some neat information has been leaked about this handheld, and a lot of it is pretty nifty.  3DS Friend Codes are on their way. However, unlike the Wii or DS titles, this code is locked to the system (and maybe a profile?), so once you become friends with someone, you don't have to enter a new one for each game. It's even better if you're physically next to someone, as you can "bump" your friend code information. So. Easy. Additionally, the 3DS can multitask, allowing players to send games and applications into stand-by while they search the web, take notes, or--excitedly--see what friends are online and what games they are playing. It might not be Xbox Live, but it's a step in the right direction. Twenty-three titles will be out by June. Some of these are big name titles, like nintendogs + cats, Pilotwings Resort, and Dead or Alive: Dimensions, and some of them are kind of lame. What the heck is a CRUSH 3D? Unfortunately, big name franchise titles like Ocarina of Time, Paper Mario, and a Metroid title are not here.  Interestingly, it looks like there is an Other M stage in DoA: Dimensions, and there is a good chance Samus is a fighter. Don't believe me? Check it out here. DSiWare titles are transferable. This one is something everyone is thinking about with WiiWare too. When a new console comes around, what happens to the downloadable games purchased? Nintendo doesn't have a unified account system yet. Thankfully, Nintendo has gone on the record saying DSiWare titles will be transferable, and while they didn't say how (I bet it's through an SD card, which the DSi has a slot for). It's not a perfect system, but hopefully once titles are locked down, they will be tied to an account. Unfortunately, it'll be coming after the system launch. The 3DS is region locked. A major bummer, I know, but Nintendo claims this is to implement parental controls. Booo. All in all, there's some cool details about the device. The price is pretty high, but I've got to be real, the 3D effect is amazing. For me, $250 is a steal. March 27 can't come quickly enough. Read More


Now With More Monster!

April 8, 2010 Now With More Monster! Monster Trucks Nitro II simultaneously launches online at and on iPhone and RedLynx to Read More


Nintendo Download - 12/21/09 - 500th Downloadable Wii Game Makes for a Smashing Holiday Season

As time ticks down for 2009, one could only wonder which game would reach the Virtual Console first: Super Smash Bros., or Pilotwings. And with today marking the 500th release on Virtual Console, the choice seems obvious as the original Super Smash Bros. finally arrives in North America for a whopping 1,000 Wii Points. While relatively primitive compared to the likes of Melee and Brawl, this is one I still look forward to trying out, mostly for some of the unique stages that for whatever reason were never brought back in later installments. Smash Bros. isn't alone, however; the arcade version of Ninja Gaiden also arrives on Virtual Console... er, at last? It's 600 Wii Points, but Nintendo has an interesting way of selling it: "Each stage is based around popular Western misconceptions about ninja and Japan, making the game world a fantastic mix of ninja and American pop culture." On the upside, at least you can toggle settings, such as number of lives and difficulty, so perhaps it will be a more tolerable experience now. There are plenty of other releases this week, too, just in time for Christmas. That includes the game we looked at just last week, 530 Eco Shooter, now known here as "Eco Shooter: Plant 530," and Dragon's Lair for DSi. See what's what in the press release after the cut. Read More