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FBI agent Nicole Bonnet finds herself tracking down a coldblooded serial killer who leaves playing cards near his victims. It's a battle of wits as you play by the killer's rules. Is it a stranger or someone you know who plans to make you the next victim?

Crime Lab: Body of Evidence - NDS Review

I admit it, crime shows fascinate me. Whether I’m watching something conventional like reruns of Crime Scene Investigation on CBS or something off the wall like BBC’s Torchwood, there’s something intriguing about a good mystery. That’s probably what inspired City Interactive to make Crime Lab: Body of Evidence, a strategy game where you’ll have to use your FBI skills to stay one step ahead of a serial killer. Sadly, this is one case that isn’t worth solving.You portray FBI agent Nicole Bonnet. She’s built quite a reputation for herself, solving cases all over the world with her unmatched skills. A new challenge awaits upon her return to the United States. It seems that an FBI profiler has been bumped off during a routine stop by the fridge, and the only clue left behind is a playing... Read Review

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    Crime Lab: Body of Evidence Review

    Robert Workman Dec 21, 2010