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We've been playing Crazy Taxi over the last dozen years, first on the Sega Dreamcast in an arcade perfect port, then on various systems, including the PS2 and GameCube (thanks to Acclaim, of all people), as well as Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network – though those ports lacked the great soundtrack by The Offspring and Bad Religion.  Now the game is making a move on the... Read Review

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Dreamcast Collection Lineup Announced...

Dreamcast Collection Lineup Announced...

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Crazy Taxi Screenshot - 820321

Crazy Taxi Review

"All right, let's go make some crazy money!"For as long as I can remember, one of the games I found myself playing in times that I was stressed out o Read More

Sonic Speeds Onto XBLA

Sonic Speeds Onto XBLA

  Everyone went Dreamcast crazy last week thanks to its anniversary coinciding with that of the PlayStation. So it's fitting that SEGA have pulled their fingers out and delivered on one of their promises. Sonic Adventure has finally hit Xbox LIVE Arcade. Details, including the placating of confused PS3 owners, after the jump. Read More