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Evil Choices

I am easy. Just tell me when and what to shoot and I am super. However, some games lately are big on choices. They ask me what to wear or what my inner morals are. Before someone comments I don't understand or have no appreciation to detail, let me reassure you I don't. Read More


Sucks To Be You

Or some ways games remind you that you're a loser. I don't mind losing or dying in a game, as it teaches you not to do it again. You learn, you move on. Here are some ways, however, where developers are not so subtle. They remind you that it sucks to be you, very unprofessionally I might add. Read More


What Bungie Learned from the Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta

The Halo: Reach multiplayer Beta test, held last March, was Bungie\'s second such experiment. The first one was for Halo 3, and it required players to purchase Crackdown, a totally unrelated title, in order to play. Reach\'s Beta, on the other hand, only required players to own ODST, which most Halo fans did anyway. This is important, since the point of the multiplayer Betas is for Bungie to gather information about the game from as many players as possible. With the Reach Beta, that was a lot of players. But what exactly did they learn? Hit the jump to find out. Read More


My Year Without Online Gaming

  Back in the day, the idea of pairing video games with an online network was large enough to crush one under the very thought.  It wasn't until the days of Spectre  or Doom did online multiplayer start to gain traction.  In the present day, gaming consoles integrated with the Internet is not only a requirement, it's literally a missed business opportunity for any of the big three.  Even though Microsoft is the only company that requires a $50 fee to play online and get exclusive content, Nintendo and Sony take advantage of their online console network in many ways including classic games, exclusive content and Netflix.  Many most likely can't imagine their consoles without Xbox Live or PlayStation Network, but it was a reality for me over the past year, and it was downright terrible. Read More


Halo: Reach Available on Xbox Live Marketplace... but You Can\'t Buy It

Halo fans experienced a glimmer of unbridled excitement yesterday when Halo: Reach suddenly appeared for download on the Xbox Live Marketplace a full month before it is to be made available for sale at retail outlets. That excitement quickly turned to disgust however, as the game was listed for 99,999 MS points, or $1250 in real money. Making matters even worse, even if you are such a Halo nut that you have an extra grand and a quarter to spend on Reach you still can't have the game because it requires a special code to enable the download. The secret is unraveled after the break. Read More


Windows Phone 7 Xbox Live Launch Games, Details Revealed

Today's new details about the Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system's Xbox Live integration may have some iPhone owners re-reading their contracts with AT&T. After months of rumors and speculation, Engadget finally got to sit down with a WP7 phone and test out some of the new features and games. Hit the jump to find out what they thought. Read More


July NPD: 360 Takes Over First, StarCraft and NCAA Rule Software

  For the first time in years, the top-selling console in the monthly NPD rankings isn't one manufactured by Nintendo. Bolstered by a price drop and a slick new redesign, the Xbox 360 muscled its way to the tops of the charts for hardware in the month of July, selling an impressive 444,000 units. This marks the first time the 360 has hit the top spot since September 2007, where it got a similar boost thanks to the release of Halo 3. Don't feel sorry for Nintendo, however. They still took second and third place for the month, with the DS selling 398,000 units and the Wii bringing in another 254,000. The PS3 sold 215,000 units, while the PSP continued to peter along with sales of 84,000 units. As for software, the big sellers both involved rushes - of the pass and Zergling varieties. Read More