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Final Fantasy XI NPC Joins the Cast of Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy XI NPC Joins the Cast of Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy XI is like the bastard child of the Final Fantasy universe. Everyone knows it exists but if you're not one of the people addicted to it, you don't really care about it. With Dissidia: Final Fantasy sporting such characters as Sephiroth, Cloud, and Kefka, I wouldn't expect Square-Enix to even recognize any of the characters occupying FFXI's world of Vana'diel - I mean, no one else really recognizes them, right? Wrong! Looks like Dissidia will be getting a combatant from FFXI and that fighter goes by the name of Shantotto, a Tarutaru NPC from the city of Windhurst who seems to have a rather huge following among fans of the game. The FFXI Fan festival in Japan brought exciting news for FFXI and Dissidia fans. NPC character Shantotto will be making her way to to the PSP title as the game's first secret character. Famitsu is also reporting that she will be voiced by Magumi Hayashibara, perhaps best known for her roles as Faye Valentine in Cowboy Bebop and Rei Ayanami in Neon Genesis Evangelion. -- Square Insider Not going to lie, I have played some Final Fantasy XI. Back in 2003 when it came out, I grinded myself a Level 63 THF/NIN and was set to keep going until I realized that the game wasn't really all that great. I can see the appeal and I think it was smart of Square to throw this character into Dissidia - Final Fantasy XI has a rabid fanbase and it really could hit a whole other market. One filled with people who really love spending 6+ hours in one place killing crabs. Read More

kombo Nov 22, 2008 | Comments