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The plot of Book of Shadows opens with Naomi, devastated by Seiko's death, is near catatonic, with her mother worrying over the fact that Naomi constantly refers to someone who never existed.  Book of Shadows is a separate plot from the previous game, but takes place in the same timeline, with slight prologues and epilogues for various characters. 

Corpse Party: Book of Shadows Review

The original Corpse Party for PSP abandoned players in a haunted school of death and torture, leaving them to explore its rooms by walking sprites around Pokémon-style. Team GrisGris has since scrapped that approach, creating a first-person point-and-click visual novel adventure for Book of Shadows (also for PSP), the second game in the series to enjoy a Western release. The title mostly takes a right turn, but it’s impossible to visit Heavenly Host Elementary with hitting a few wrong ends. Corpse Party: Book of Shadows presents 14 hours or so of gameplay spread across seven chapters (eight if you carry over your save data from the first game, which is a cheap way of obligating new fans to buy it). Most of these splice together a combination of story and exploration.... Read Review

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