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Conduit 2 News


Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough

Be prepared for the final stand to take down the Reapers in Mass Effect 3. Side-missions, War Assets, Scanning, and anything else, look no further... Read More

RedMan Mar 23, 2012 | Comments

Weekly Wrap-Up 4/29/11

GameZone offered more in-depth reviews and previews this week, and we've even got some interviews and an indie game recommendation in store. But let' Read More

David Sanchez Sep 27, 2011 | Comments

Crysis 2 Review

I’ll confess. I didn’t play the original Crysis. Blame Crytek for building an engine that still struggles to run on high settings of contemporary Read More

Ben PerLee Mar 21, 2011 | Comments

Conduit 2

When the first Conduit came out in 2009, High Voltage Games pitched the title as the Wii’s perfect version of first-person gaming. They were going Read More

Ben PerLee Mar 6, 2011 | Comments
Kombo\'s Weekly News Round-Up

Kombo\'s Weekly News Round-Up

  We had a huge week of exclusives here at Kombo, and on top of that, tons of news.  Leading our foray of weekly news and features was a double-whammy as we had an opportunity to play both Halo: Reach and Call of Duty: Black Ops.   Our own Mike Rougeau was able to go to San Francisco for a two-day event where he was able to play through the entire single-player campaign of Halo: Reach and he was able to play an entire day's worth of multiplayer.    In addition, the famous Jeff Grubb was able to get his hands on the multiplayer in Call of Duty: Black Ops for the first time. Get the previews and news after the break. Read More

kombo Sep 4, 2010 | Comments
Conduit 2 Pushed Back to 2011

Conduit 2 Pushed Back to 2011

Gamers planning to save the world from alien invasion and massive government conspiracy will have to wait a bit longer than expected, as Conduit 2 has been delayed into 2011. The title, originally slated for Nov 2 has now dropped into the mysterious realm of TBD 2011, so we're unsure when to expect the game to launch. Sega hasn't given any reason for the delay, but we assume it has something to do with them getting too close to the truth and having to change the content of the game lest the government make the company disappear forever and have all reference to it wiped from the public record. Either that or they just want to work out bugs and add polish; it's one of those two things. More after the break. Read More

kombo Sep 3, 2010 | Comments
Goldeneye Gets More Golden With New Classic Controller Pro

Goldeneye Gets More Golden With New Classic Controller Pro

  Leaked alongside the game before it made its debut at E3, Activision and Nintendo have officially confirmed that a metallic gold version of the Wii's Classic Controller Pro will be made available in a special bundle with the re-imagining of Goldeneye 007, set to be released exclusively for the Wii this holiday. The controller included with the bundle, available for $69.99, will be the same as the standard model - just gold, obviously inspired by the game's "The Man With The Golden Gun" mode (itself inspired by the James Bond film of the same name). While this is all well and good, the bundle does present an interesting conundrum about the game - as to why it's even on the Wii to begin with. Read More

kombo Aug 11, 2010 | Comments