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Sonic & Knuckles Composer Addresses Issue of Michael Jackson and Sonic 3

With the SEGA Genesis classic Sonic & Knuckles being released to Xbox LIVE Arcade last week (with lock-on features intact-- sorry, Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection owners), GameSetWatch decided to get a hold of one Howard Drossin, who served as SEGA's director of music during the Genesis era, and composed tunes for the game in question. One source of frustration for myself and my Kombodian cohort Matt Green has been the ongoing rumor of Michael Jackson having an involvement in Sonic the Hedgehog 3, with the thought that if no one addresses it before long, then eventually, no one who knows will be around to give us the truth. And even Yuji Naka himself was no help at all. Read More


Splosion Man Developers Reveal Their Newest Title

Twisted Pixel, the guys who brought us the XBLA titles 'Splosion Man and The Maw announced their newest endeavor which goes by the name of Comic Jumper. At first glance it seems like this game is inspired by the old SEGA Genesis game Comix Zone. Twisted Pixel hasn't announced a release date or even a platform as of yet, but I'm assuming it's safe to say you can expect this to release on XBLA at the least. If the quality of their last games is anything to go by I'm sure we'll be in for another treat once Comic Jumper finally gets into gamers hands. I personally completely love 'Splosion Man, unfortunately I haven't had the pleasure of trying out The Maw yet, but I've heard good things. If you would like to see the debut trailer for Comic Jumper just hit the break and your wish shall be granted! Read More


SEGA Vintage Collection 2 Coming to XBLA, But Only Gunstar Heroes Coming to PSN

Good news and bad news is afoot. The good news is that SEGA is bringing the "SEGA Vintage Collection 2" to the Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network. The bad news, for PS3 owners, is that the PlayStation Network only gets Gunstar Heroes, while XBLA gets that and Altered Beast, Shinobi, Comix Zone, Phantasy Star II, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Sonic & Knuckles. According to 1UP, "All of the titles will feature online leaderboards, high-defintion and, when applicable, network play." Which isn't really applicable to much more than Gunstar Heroes. Huh. Of course, all of these titles except Gunstar Heroes are in Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection, but minus those features. But that's not all; in this version of the Sonic titles, you can link Sonic & Knuckles to its respective lock-on partners to get the full Sonic 3 & Knuckles experience, or Knuckles in Sonic 2. So that's why they didn't do it in SUGC... Naturally, a lot of this is leaving a bitter taste in the mouths of some. But, if you're interested in these for what SUGC doesn't offer, they'll be out this Summer, with Sonic & Knuckles arriving in "late Summer." Read More


SEGA Bringing More Arcade Classics to Xbox LIVE Arcade

It's still April Fool's Day, so be as skeptical as you want-- I won't blame you. That said, Kotaku is reporting in non-AFD fashion that SEGA is stepping up their game in terms of Xbox LIVE Arcade offerings. Previous entries have included Genesis fare such as Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Ecco the Dolphin, and of course, there's the joyous news of Virtual On and Outrun Online Arcade, but now they're digging deeper into their rich arcade past. Read More


Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection Unlockables Revealed

I've heard varying things about the quality of Backbone Entertainment's ports, so I'm hoping that they do right by the vast collection of ports being included in Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection. Gaming Bits learned of what the unlockable titles in the collection will be, which just sweetens the deal all the more... especially after they do the math: $30 divided by 49 games comes out to about 60 cents a game! Sounds good to me, provided the ports are solid. Check out the full list after the cut. Read More


Sega Registers Classics for Virtual Consoles

Sega's been hitting the vault to shovel up some old code. Several games have been put up to ESRB for registering and rating goodness. See four of them up above in the graphic, and a few more after the break. Genesis games are good... Read More


SEGA Announces Compilation of 40 Classics, Including Sonic, Alex Kidd and More

SEGA announced today that it will be releasing a compilation of 40 of its greatest games, called Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection, on both Xbox 360 and PS3 during the spring of 2009. I'm not quite sure why the name "Sonic" is in the title if the compilation has more than just Sonic games. My only guess is that SEGA's trying to capitalize on the poor hedgehog. Whatever the case, this is likely to be a must-have for old-school SEGA fans, as long as developer Backbone Entertainment does a good job porting these classics. So far, the diagnosis is good. All the titles will run in 720p. After the cut, you'll find a full list of the games included in the compilation. Read More