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Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord for PC


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Set in World War Two's western front, from D-Day in June 1944 to the end of the war in 1945, Combat Mission features the armed forces of six nations, 50 heavy weapons, 126 armored and combat vehicles, 50 scenarios (including battles and full-scale operations), an accurate physics model, paratroops and elite forces, full scenario editor, random battle generator, air strikes, artillery and rocket bombardments, weather conditions, night combat, 45 types of terrain, 6 levels of soldier experience, extensive weapon and vehicle data on-screen, compatible Windows and Macintosh versions, and more. A further internet-play TCP/IP patch is currently in the works and will be made available for free download later this summer. Excitement in the strategy gaming community is palpable. Battlefront's internet message forum already has nearly 60,000 posts from would-be battalion commanders who can't wait to jump into a Tiger (or Sherman, or Comet), or spearhead an infantry assault, leading their platoons into the front lines. Demand for the Combat Mission Gold Demo (released on May 8th) was so heavy that it nearly overwhelmed the server!