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Code of Princess, or as many are hailing it, the spiritual successor to Guardian Heroes, is one of the best examples of instant satisfaction on the go. It definitely wears its heritage on its sleeves, and anyone familiar with the Sega Saturn game will feel instantly at home here. It's got a gorgeous art style, fast paced combat, and a bevy of characters to unlock. So where does Guardian... Read Review

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New Super Mario Bros. Wii's Official Line for "Demo Play," Plus Princess Peach Info

From the discovery of the "kind code" patent to Miyamoto's revelation that New Super Mario Bros. Wii would be the first game to make use of the new player-assist feature, "Demo Play" has been nothing less than a hotbed of controversy among players. And now, a little more fuel has been added to the fire, thanks to Nintendo of Europe. Siliconera discovered that Nintendo of Europe has posted a new product page for the game in question, and have delivered the following excerpt, in which the feature is addressed. Check it out after the cut. Read More


Twilight Hack Protection Defeated; You Can Go Back to Your Homes Now

Various forms of protection in video games tend to mystify me, mostly as to why they even bother. For whatever money a company spends, it seems to take absolutely no time at all for hackers to find their way around it, and summarily beat it. What are companies like Nintendo spending this money on? Clearly, not the right people. Just two days ago, Nintendo initiated a new update for the Wii menu, one which allows users to place Miis into their Parade from their plaza, and just as it so happens, also negates certain unofficial techniques, such as the infamous Twilight Hack. And now, today, word is coming in that it has already been beaten. Apparently, some users at the HackMii blog figured out what the new code was, and that it specifically targeted the bug in Twilight Princess which allowed for homebrew loading. But unfortunately for Nintendo, there were bugs found in that, too. Some new code later, and the hackers have found a way to fool the Wii into ignoring the Twilight Hack. However, this new code has not been released yet. Read More