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Nintendo DSis Pre-Loaded With DSiWare

Among Best Buy's Black Friday deals Nintendo is releasing DSis pre-loaded with DSiWare games later this month. There are two different sets that seem to be targeted towards different audiences. One of them is a white DSi bundle that contains some of the more popular mass market software. It contains all three Brain Age express games: Arts & Letters, Sudoku, and Math. It also contains one of the Clubhouse Games Express titles – Card Classics. The last thing the bundle contains is Photo Clock. The other bundle is a Metallic Blue DSi packed with Mario-branded games. It includes Mario vs Donkey Kong: Minis March Again!, WarioWare Snapped!, Dr. Mario Express, and Mario Calculator, and Mario Clock. These are theoretically better deals than what originally came with the DSi. Anyone who bought a DSi between its April North American launch and October was given $10 worth of Nintendo points with which to buy DSiWare. The white Black Friday DSi bundle contains $28 worth of DSiWare games and the blue one $22 worth of games. Read More


Nintendo Download - 9/21/09: Toppling Cubes, 3-D Characters and Classic Ninja Kicks Lead a Stellar L

All in all, it looks like one of the slower weeks for the Nintendo Download. Nothing too bad; Nintendo's own You, Me, and the Cubes for 1,000 Wii Points on WiiWare and Last Ninja 2 for 500 on the Commodore 64 Virtual Console might be alright, but truth be told, my focus will be solely on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash-Up once it gets here. I wonder if that release is responsible for the lower-profile online offerings? In any case, You, Me, and the Cubes is from Nintendo themselves, so it may very well be worth a look. Rounding things out on WiiWare is the latest "Family" title from Aksys Games, Family Tennis. For 500 Wii Points, you can spend more time with Daddy, Mommy, Sarah, and Billy with "fast paced" tennis action that carries the allure of "mild suggestive themes." Finally, DSiWare brings another bite-sized chunk of Clubhouse Games, this time with the Express "Strategy Pack" for 500 DSi Points. EA is also offering up a "MySims Camera" for 200, which allows you to let MySims characters mingle with the real-world photos you take. Find more details on each title after the cut. Read More


Nintendo Download - 9.7.09: From Faraway Galaxies to the Family Room, Start Fall on a Fun-Filled Foo

Just as announced last week, today's Nintendo Download sees the release of the newest chapter of Konami's longstanding run-n-gun series, Contra ReBirth. It's 1,000 Wii Points for E10+ action, and I think I've said just about everything I can about it already without having played it (that part comes tonight). But that's not the only thing of merit for download this week; the Virtual Console continues rolling out fun from a galaxy far, far away with Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi on the Super NES (of course). Rounding things out are the 700-point ColorZ for WiiWare, with DSiWare getting a miniature version of the DS's Clubhouse Games for 500 points. Find out more about each title in the press release after the cut. Read More


Nintendo Download - 4.27.09: "Poker, Planes, and Platform Games Fuel Players' Ambition&quot

Alright people, I guess it's now time to get your brooms: It's the last Nintendo Download of April, and while Europe got The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask for the Virtual Console on April 3rd and Japan got it on the 7th, May flowers are getting ready to bloom and what we find ourselves with is... Nobunaga's Ambition. Now that hardly seems fair. Not to slight Nobunaga, it could very well be a great game. I don't really know. But is it on par with Majora's Mask? All I can say is that I don't continue to hear people speak of how great Nobunaga's Ambition is to this day. Nor did I wind up with a glitchy version of the game on the Zelda Collector's Edition disc for GameCube a few years back. Okay, so enough about that. What else have we got... Read More


Dr. Mario and Others Announced for Release Soon on the DSiWare Store

Once more Mario is on his way to shove pills down your throat! Mario will be doing so in a downloadable fashion this time. It was announced today along with some other exclusive Nintendo DSi downloadable titles. Dr. Mario Express is being developed to take advantage of the DSi's use of SD cards, so you can expect to store pictures among other things as well. The other three titles announced for the DSiWare service are: -Master of Illusions Express: Deep Psyche, follow up title to DSi launch title MoIE: Funny Faces -Clubhouse Games Express: Card Classics, a card game collection -Paper Airplane Chase, this game is basically an extended version of an old WarioWare minigame So keep an eye and ear out for these new titles coming "soon" to the DSiWare store. Read More


2008 NL Cy Young Winner to Be Face of MLB 2K9

Despite the San Francisco Giants finishing 18 games below .500 last season, their stud pitcher Tim Lincecum had himself a year: He went 18-5, led Major League Baseball with 265 strikeouts and held opposing batters to an NL-low .221 batting average. And after winning the 2008 Cy Young award today, Lincecum can add another title to his resume: video game cover boy. The young San Francisco Giants right-hander did indeed get the prestigious honor as the NL's premier pitcher in the 2008 season, but he also was announced as the cover athlete for the upcoming Major League Baseball 2K9 video game from 2K Sports. As a video game fanatic, Lincecum said he couldn't be happier. ... "Whenever I'm hanging out at home or traveling on the road, you can find me playing video games, and I'm definitely the best gamer in the clubhouse by far. I'm incredibly stoked that 2K Sports picked me to represent Major League Baseball 2K9, and I look forward to lending my baseball knowledge to the development process." -- MLB News Release I'll leave my obligatory plug for a Chicago Cubs player to be the face of MLB 2K9 out of this and say hey, you know what would have been cool? If AL Rookie of the Year Evan Longoria of the Tampa Bay Rays made the cover. Lincecum's a nice pick, but the Rays were the story of the year, in my opinion. Read More


Nintendo to Reprint Hotel Dusk, Clubhouse Games

The cynical hardcore gamer you are, you probably missed out on the sleeper hit Hotel Dusk and forgot to pick up Clubhouse Games for your mom when they released, and because Nintendo games sell out faster than black market Chips Ahoy at a fat camp, you can't find either game on store shelves. Nintendo has your back. And your mom's, too. (Here is) a little snippet from GameStop, showing that they are getting new displays for both games. Nintendo is going to make sure that these games keep selling! Now, how about a re-release of Tetris DS! -- Go Nintendo Hotel Dusk is one of the best DS games no one has ever heard of, and while I joke about Clubhouse Games' motherly appeal, it is also worth picking up. With both titles priced at $19.99, you have no excuse to miss them this time around. Oh, and I second the motion on Tetris DS. Read More