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In Clan of Champions, you can play solo or with/against friends online, with one simple goal in mind: to become the champion. Alliances will be made and shattered, bonds will be forged and broken. When your life is on the line, it's every warrior for themselves in the battle-hardened online arena known as Clan of Champions! Blast your foes with short-range magic spells, or engage in brutal physical combat! Combine your physical skills with passive abilities to create the ultimate warrior. Team up with your friends online and take on even more furious battles!

Clan of Champions Review

Take a glimpse at Clan of Champions' story, and you’d swear it was set in a fantasy world rich with lore and quest possibilities. Three nations of orcs, humans, and elves are fighting for new territories. The western Kingdom of Ematrias seeks to repel the threat of the Al-waav Urban Allied Forces, but the deployment of unofficial mercenaries upon the battle has only aggravated the conflict. Only a new kind of technology can turn the battle in anyone’s favor, and each side is eager to claim it. Now imagine this unfolding conflict set against identical mission after identical mission. The crisis is changing — even coming to an end as you close in this new source of power — but you wouldn’t be able to tell. Each time you venture onto the battlefield... Read Review

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