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Cladun is a retro style dungeon crawler game. Players can create their own main character from scratch using a graphics editor and the dungeons that you will be adventuring in are randomly created for infinite replay value. You can even explore the dungeons with your friends. In Cladun, there is a world called Manakaz. People travel from different dimensions to come there for various reasons. Some adventurers come seeking legendary treasures, while others seek to find the monster that are rumored to exist there, and some just come for the sheer thrill of adventure.

Cladun: This is an RPG Review

What would happen if you took the difficulty of Demon's Souls, scaled it down to handheld size, gave it a completely unique leveling system and designed it to look like an 8-bit game? You would get the hardcore dungeon crawler that is, Cladun: This is an RPG.Cladun's story, or whatever anyone can gather from it, revolves around a world called Arcanus Cella; an entity that appears to anyone who looks for it, and holds any item that the person specifically yearns for. gets weirder, trust me. Pudding, an adventure seeking girl who is also terminal from “die laughing disease” drags her friend Souma to Arcanus and meet a bunch of characters over time, who all have their own agenda. It doesn't stop there, but for the sake of surprise, I'll leave the rest to your exploration.The... Read Review

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