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City of Heroes Going Rogue for PC

City of Heroes Going Rogue


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What forges character? What shines at the heart of a Hero or hides in the mind of a Villain? City of Heroes Going Rogue, the first City of Heroes expansion since the launch of City of Villains, opens the mirror universe of Praetoria, whose bright utopian facade hides dark secrets. As you investigate this brave new world, searching for the truth behind Emperor Cole and his Praetorian guard, brutal foes and fierce allies emerge, turning this illusory paradise into an urban battlefield. City of Heroes Going Rogue adds the Rogue and Vigilante game alignments, enabling you to explore the shades of gray that lie between Heroes and Villains. For the first time in any super-powered MMOG, your character's moral choices affect gameplay experience and determine your character's ultimate destiny.

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City of Heroes Goes Rogue Today

NCsoft and Paragon Studios have launched their latest full expansion for their superhero MMO, City of Heroes. City of Heroes: Going Rogue is the firs

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