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  • Available on PC
  • Publisher(s): Atlus
  • Release Date(s): Jan 20, 2015
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Game Summary

Just because you’ve been elected as the Vice President of the World doesn’t mean you have time to relax! Things are going mad around town, and only YOU have the charisma it takes to... delegate all the dirty work and convince your constituents to save the world in this retro-RPG!

Citizens of Earth Review

When you look at Citizens of Earth, the first thing many people will reminded of is Earthbound, the SNES classic RPG from Ape and HAL Laboratory. Unfortunately, there’s only so far nostalgic charm can carry Citizens of Earth before the repetition sets in and you begin smashing your head against the keyboard in frustration over the vague side quests, tedious enemy encounters, and the seemingly endless grind. Citizens of Earth gets off to a promising start, brilliantly showcasing its humor as you take on the role of the newly-minted Vice President of Earth. Returning to his home town for some rest and relaxation after a hard one day in the office, he begins to find some very strange things happening around the city. There’s a story in here somewhere, but it’s... Read Review

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    Citizens of Earth Review

    Matt Liebl Jan 24, 2015