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Clone Wars Adventures Public Beta is Now Live

  Good news, Star Wars fans. The public beta for Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures has begun. Would-be Jedi need to head over to and click the large "BETA" button. From there, follow the steps and you'll be swinging away with your lightsaber in no time.  Clone Wars Adventures is a free-to-play MMO from Sony Online Entertainment based on the wildly popular Cartoon Network show The Clone Wars. The game will support itself by offering an optional subscription fee that will give customers bonus goods and micro-transactions.    Read More


Two Worlds 2 Interview Part 1: Redemption, Challenges, Horses and More

  Greetings, dear readers. Recently, we at Kombo had the chance to sit down with a developer of one the most exciting games coming out this fall, and, hopefully, a candidate for the (nonexistent) "most improved sequel" award: Two Worlds 2. Jake DiGennaro, community director at Topware Interactive, chatted with us about everything from the mistakes that were were during development of the first game to motion control and 3D technology - with plenty of new info about Two Worlds 2 thrown in, as well. If you've been keeping up with Kombo for the last week or so, you've probably been seeing some excerpts from this interview popping up in our daily news coverage. As promised, here's part one of the two part interview in its entirety. Enjoy, and come back tomorrow for part two! Now hit that jump to start reading! Read More