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In Choplifter HD, players take control of a variety of helicopters armed with a number of offensive capabilities so they can swoop in and make daring rescues in hot zones. The game features more than 30 missions ranging from straight prisoner extraction to dropping off saboteurs that blow buildings sky high to saving survivors from viral outbreaks. Pilots must bank, hover, touchdown, and sometimes even shake loose pesky zombies hanging from their choppers. Gamers can also look forward to a few cameos from some of the videogame industry's most legendary leading men including Duke Nukem and Super Meat Boy. Choplifter HD combines intense action, humor and tons of variety, creating developer inXile Entertainment's own, fresh take on the original Choplifter experience.

Choplifter HD Review

If you were a gamer in the 80’s, chances are you ran across Choplifter, an old PC favorite that since hit the arcade and console scene thanks to a re-release through Sega.  In the game, you’re forced to pick up hostages while shooting down enemies, both in the air and on the ground, while making sure they’re safe until drop off at a local base.  It seems we aren’t the only ones who fondly remember this game, as InXile Entertainment has taken it upon themselves to recreate it with Choplifter HD.  And though a few issues make the flight somewhat bumpy, there’s no question that you’ll have just as much fun with this one as you did the original. Choplifter HD starts out with a few basic missions to introduce you to the gameplay... Read Review

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