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At first glance, Chime for the Xbox Live Arcade will remind people of two games, Lumines and Tetris. Though it doesn't play like either, it borrows elements from both. Chime is a music puzzle game that tasks players to use different geometric shapes made up of squares to make quad shapes, while also filling up an overall grid. That means putting different pieces together to make shapes 3x3,... Read Review

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Chime Headed to PC With Added Portal

  Chime was one of the more creative takes on the puzzle game genre in recent years. Combining the placement of awkwardly-shaped blocks of Tetris with the beat-based musical gameplay of Lumines produced an entertaining, addictive game. Even better, just by purchasing the game, gamers were doing a good thing. Royalties from the game benefited publisher OneBigGame's charity partners the Starlight Children's Foundation and Save The Children. Today, OneBigGame have announced that following the success of Chime on Xbox LIVE Arcade, the game is going to make the jump to Windows PCs. It'll be released via Steam and available towards the end of the summer. Hit the jump—it makes a nice "ting" noise—for more. Read More


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Chime - 360 - Review

At first glance, Chime for the Xbox Live Arcade will remind people of two games, Lumines and Tetris. Though it doesn't play like either, it borrows e Read More