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WAKFU Screenshot - 866804


Wakfu is cute.Wakfu is ridiculously, unapologetically cute. Wakfu is so cute, it could probably overdose you were it possible to do so via a computer Read More


Over 300 Killzone 2 Ads Pulled in Toronto, Canada

Geez. Everyone is so sensitive these days. It's just a good thing most sensitive people aren't as proactive as others. Images of "war and violence" prevalent in ads for Killzone 2 have been pulled in Toronto, Canada. A school teacher with the intentions of Protecting The Children is responsible, complaining that the images were "shocking" and it depicted scenes of war, like one would see in Iraq. Wow. What's next, pulling ads for war movies? Because, you know, there HAVE been movies made about the entire conflict. Read More


NSPCC Says GTA IV Encourages Child Porn; Reporter Says "Wha?"

I must be getting old or something, because I swear to God, there are some days where I just don't understand how some peoples' thought processes carry them from Point A to Point B. For example: One of Grand Theft Auto IV's better-known features is the sheer amount of meta-activity which can be engaged in within the game. Watching TV, listening to the radio, and even surfing the internet. With that last one is where this bit of trouble begins, as players can enter an internet cafe and look up "" (owned in real life by Rockstar, of course), and you will receive the following message: "This website for child beauty pageants has been shut down. Your IP address has been catalogued and an investigator will be contacting you soon." This is accompanied by a note from the friendly Liberty City police that notes "We see it all. We know it all." Oh, and an instant five-star warning level. Smile for the birdie! The UK charity known as the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, or NSPCC for short, somehow believes this makes child porn more acceptable: "It is disturbing that it is meant to be funny and that it is glamorising something that is actually really shocking and upsetting," said the NSPCC's policy co-ordinator for child protection, Zoe Hilton. "I just think it is in very poor taste and they should withdraw it." Um, ok... "Glamorising?" If you say so. From what I understand, the police in the game are pretty brutal, and I never imagined anyone would really endeavor to be a corpse, nor does it seem very glamorous. But as I said, maybe I just don't "get" what's cool these days. Read More


Jack Thompson Wields IGN Like a Club in Battle Against Take-Two

IGN just keeps finding itself in all the wrong places lately. But rather than some errant boxart, they've now found themselves on the wrong side of the law. At least, to the eyes of many a gamer, whereupon whatever side Jack Thompson takes is the wrong side. It's no surprise that Jack is back and on the attack, with a warrant for criminal cartoons (this is it, bam, boom you're doomed), wanting everyone in the industry to stop what they're doing and start thinking of the children (as we can't expect it of the parents any more). What's more unexpected is his tool of choice, used in his letter to R. Alexander Acosta, US Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, whereupon he demands (through grandiose speeches likening the game to polio) legal action be taken against Take-Two and retailers for selling the product. That tool is the not-safe-for-work "Ladies of Liberty City" video from IGN. Read More