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Street Fighter IV on Wii is "Possible"

Street Fighter IV on Wii is "Possible"

Street Fighter IV's console destinations have been a bit... enigmatic, at least where certainty is concerned. So far, they've announced the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, with a sidenote of others "To Be Determined", to which Capcom's Senior Director of Strategy replied that those are the only platforms announced, and "I wouldn't read more into it than exactly that" on their forums, but never answering us directly (thanks, guys). Producer Yoshinori Ono even stated that they could probably put Street Fighter IV on the Game Boy, as graphics aren't everything in a game like this, which means that the Wii's power shouldn't necessarily be a factor in whether or not it gets the title. And of course, rumors swirled, to such a degree that Capcom had to apologize to Nintendo, leading Nick Chester of Destructoid to ask Ono if the possibility of Street Fighter IV on Wii is really that ridiculous. Read More

kombo Jun 3, 2008 | Comments