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Sonic Colors Review

A lot of people were disappointed with the way Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 turned out. Sure, there were a few gamers that appreciated Sega’s at Read More

David Sanchez Jan 5, 2011 | Comments
Secret of Mana makes its way to iTunes

Secret of Mana makes its way to iTunes

Square Enix seems to have entered the holiday spirit in quite the special way. Instead of just sending off cute Christmas cards to games journalists, like many other publishers, they're turning on the deals for consumers. Well, not typical Square Enix consumers, but iPhone and iPod touch gamers will now be able to pick up pretty much the entire Square Enix content library for half off. But that's not even the most exciting part! The exciting part is that they're releasing an iPhone/iPod Touch version of the seminal favorite, The Secret of Mana. This old favorite from 1993 isn't as beloved as some of the Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest classics, but there are some major fans for the adventures of Boy, Girl, and Sprite. Even more, this is one of the few games in which you get to take on Santa Claus, making The Secret of Mana one of the few videogames with a distinct Christmas element. Hit the jump for a complete list of discounted titles. Read More

kombo Dec 21, 2010 | Comments

Sonic Adventure review

Sonic the Hedgehog set such a high standard with his Sega Genesis adventures that gamers were highly anticipating his debut on the Dreamcast, almost Read More

Robert Workman Sep 16, 2010 | Comments

Chaos Rings Review

Chaos Rings is a rare experience on the iPhone. With great visuals and superb gameplay, the iPhone has given birth to a game; which will make you for Read More

Mike Fischer Jun 1, 2010 | Comments