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  • Release Date(s): Apr 14, 2010
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The sound of your tires ripping through the mud and the buzz of your Kawasaki's 250cc engine drive you forward spiritually as much as the power of the bike itself moves you physically. You powerslide through a tight leftward bank and catch sight of your competitors racing each other for second place behind your all-too-certain first. There's one last jump and then the finish line. With a... Read Review

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Building Excite-ment, part 1: Excitebike

Building Excite-ment, part 1: Excitebike

Twenty-four years ago, on October 18th, 1985, the Nintendo Entertainment System went on sale in North America for the first time, and one of the first games to accompany the revolutionary system's launch was a motocross racing game known as Excitebike. The game was actually released prior to this in Japan on November 30th, 1984, a bit over a year after the release of the NES' Japanese predecessor, the Famicom. From the outset, one could tell that Excitebike was cut from a different cloth than many of its sports-based brethren. In an era where many such games, including some of those found on Nintendo's own platform, were named simply for the sport represented (Golf, Tennis, Baseball, Ice Hockey, etc.), Excitebike was able to offer the promise of something more in name alone. Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo's R&D team went beyond simply simulating the motocross experience, allowing the game's Excitebike racers to make some fairly insane jumps, or shoot ahead of the pack with a burst of turbo speed. However, overuse of the turbo engines would cause a temperature gauge to rise, leading to the bikes overheating and stalling out. This potentially race-wrecking event could be avoided if one were to lay off the B-button throttle, or run over special arrow marks on the track that would reduce the gauge's temperature. Read More

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