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Champions Online for PC and MMORPG

Champions Online takes the MMO genre to new heights with fast paced, "real time" action combat

Champions Online


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Champions Online takes the MMO genre to new heights with fast paced, "real time" action combat. This high flying action delivers a heroic feeling unlike anything experienced in another MMORPG, while the total customization of character creation takes the experience to the next level. Choose from thousands of costume pieces, body types, and modifications for a level of personalization never before imagined. Create unique power sets to break outside the prison of class archetypes - players can even choose the appearance, and style of their powers to complete their vision. While players transform into the ultimate hero, the Nemesis system lets Champions Online's powerfulcustomization tools craft an enemy of the extreme opposite, a villain of nightmares. This ultimate adversary will appear throughout a hero's career, and even form diabolic supergroups to bedevil other players throughout the universe. Champions Online brings epic heroism back to the MMORPG genre, with depth to challenge the most experienced online gamers and fast paced action to engage new entrants to the genre. Champions Online promises to redefine online gaming, now the only question is... What hero will you be?

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