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In Chain Chronicle, you play the role of a captain tasked with battling the invading Black Army in hopes of keeping them from destroying the continent of Yggdra. To protect the kingdom, you must gather and lead a volunteer army of Knights, Wizards, Clerics, Archers and Soldiers. Throughout your adventures, you will meet allies with different skills and tales of their own to lead this epic story.

Chain Chronicle Review

In the world of free to play mobile games, there is definitely a repetitive system that is getting to the point of being overused. You know, the Pokemon style rock, paper, scissor elemental characters with some sort of stamina-timer bar system to govern how often you can play. For newer mobile games to stand out and not be complete clones, they need to do something different – something that has yet to be done in this genre. This is where Gumi and SEGA’s new (to America) iOS game shines. Chain Chronicle is best described as a free to play, line defense, real-time, RPG.  Free to play means we’re talking microtransactions. While the game isn’t competitive, paying really only gains you the currency (Prysma) to get new rare and above units. This allows... Read Review

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    Chain Chronicle Review

    Andrew Clouther Dec 15, 2014