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Centipede: Infestation is a shooter designed for play on the Nintendo 3DS that combines aspects of run 'n gun shooting games like Smash TV and Geometry Wars with tower defense style objects to create a post-apocalyptic action experience that pays homage to the original Centipede, while bringing the brand into the 21st century. Features include: 20 weapons, 12 different power-ups, 13 bug types to battle, seven game environments filled with 40 stages, 3DS StreetPass functionality for content sharing and SpotPass functionality for content sharing with the Wii game version.

Centipede: Infestation (3DS) Review

Developed in 1980, Centipede gained popularity throughout arcades all over the US. The coin-operated arcade community immediately fell in love with it, and it has been a staple in arcades for a long time. While other popular arcade titles like Pac-Man and Galaga have revamped and re-imagined their brand time and time again, Centipede has never had a chance to show its potential until now with Centipede: Infestation landing on the Nintendo 3DS. Centipede: Infestation is a complete overhaul of the original for the Arcade and later, the Atari. Instead of a 2D shooter of old, Centipede: Infestation takes Centipede into the glorious world of 3D graphics with the 3D capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS. It is now a shoot ‘em up type game without the limited movement the player has in... Read Review

Centipede: Infestation (3DS) Cheats

Insane Difficulty

Unlock Nintendo 3DS
Insane Difficulty Beat the game once to unlock the insane difficulty
Additional Pea Shooters 691472
ALL Character's 3rd Costumes 431154
Maisy Character and Insane Difficulty 837367
Maisy's Second Costume 134787
Max's Second Costume 112969
Play as Rivet and get Riveter gun 121213
Rivet's Second Costume 941233