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Vincent is a wishy-washy salaryman a little too afraid to be tied down. Facing the appeals of marriage from his long time girlfriend Katherine, all he wanted to do is to escape. And one night, he succeeded - in the arms of the beautiful young Catherine. Katherine isn't the type to miss details, and no matter how hard Vincent tries to hide things, he just can't help but feels that Katherine knows what happened and is holding a grudge. To make matters worse, the young Catherine just won't let him go. Every night, Vincent falls into an abyss where he has to climb multiple flights of stairs to escape, and strange sheep-men go after him, seeking to kick him into the hellhole. If he ends there, it'll be a game over, the C/Katherines will tear him apart. And soon he can't tell between reality and the nightmare...

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I rarely come across a game that doesn't tote a muscle-toned guy going against an alien race, an elf in need of assistance in an enchanted forest, or a soldier and his team of highly-trained soldiers taking on terrorism all over the world. In comes Catherine, one of the most unique experiences I have ever got my hands on. Much like the seductive in-game Catherine, the game sticks out of the crowd by telling a mature and sexy story with dark undertones, and gives a puzzle experience that will put even the most hardcore of puzzle players to the test. You play the game as Vincent Brooks, an easy going guy with a new job, a steady girlfriend, and not much excitement; which happens to be just the way he likes it. His world gets turned upside down when his girlfriend Katherine... Read Review

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