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Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Cheats

Unlock Modes

Unlock Nintendo DS
Albus Mode Complete the Game after saving all villagers
Boss Rush Mode Complete the Game after saving all villagers
Hard Difficulty Beat the game once.
Hard Mode Level 255 Complete Hard Mode Level 1 OR Connect To Castlevania: Judgement
Sound Mode Complete the Game after saving all villagers

Queen Of Hearts

Unlock Nintendo DS

Beat hard mode in any capped level to unlock the item Queen Of Hearts.

This item will reduce the cost of union by half.

New Game+

Unlock Nintendo DS

After finishing the game go to your file and press right to access the clear sign and start a new game+.

Connection Goodies

Unlock Nintendo DS
Courses 1,2,3 Connect to Judgement
Increased Level Cap Connect to Judgement
Practice Mode Connect to Judgement
Queen of Hearts Connect to Judgement
Record Connect to Judgement
Royal Crown Connect to Judgement
Wireless Race Connect to Judgement

Boss Medals

Hint Nintendo DS

If you do not get hit once during a boss fight, you will be rewarded a medal.