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  • Available on Nintendo DS
  • Release Date(s): Oct 04, 2005
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Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Cheats

Rare Ring at Start

Hint Nintendo DS

Have Aria of Sorrow in the GBA slot when creating a new game. You will start with the rare ring item in your inventory.

Hidden Konami Man

Hint Nintendo DS

In the spike maze Tanjelly room in the Clocktower, kneel on the unspiked top area and he will fly towards you.

Hidden Bell

Hint Nintendo DS

In The Dark Chapel is a room with imps and 3 big bells. you need Hippogryph soul to get the bell. Jump with the Hippogryph souls power (up + L) to hit under the bells. try doing it on all the bells. if you hit the right one a bell will drop down from the bell.

Hidden Crown

Unlock Nintendo DS

In Demon Quest House is a room where is a chair and a Skeleton waiter. Sit on the chair in that room and the crown will appear middle of the room.


Unlock Nintendo DS
Boss Rush Beat the game with best ending (All bosses)
Julius Mode Finish the game with the bad ending
New Game + Beat the game with best ending (All bosses)
Sound Test Mode Complete the game with the best ending and the Sound Test Mode will appear on the Main Menu.

Hell Fire Soul

Unlock Nintendo DS

Complete Hard Mode with Soma and you will get the Hell Fire Soul.

This is Dracula's Favourite Move - the Triple Fireball.

Hard Mode

Unlock Nintendo DS

Beat the game and get the Good Ending.

Gold Ring

Unlock Nintendo DS

In the left part of subterranian hell, there is a slot machine door, make sure your last 3 digits of your gold are 666, the door will slide back, and you can get the gold ring.

This makes monsters/candles drop more money.

Chaos Ring

Unlock Nintendo DS
  • Collect all souls to unlock the chaos ring.
  • It will appear in one of the blue rooms of the abyss.
  • It gives the user extreme MP regeneration (practically infinite) and a stat boost.

Boss Rush Unlockable Items

Unlock Nintendo DS
Death's Robe Finish Boss Rush Mode under 6 minutes
Nunchakus Finish Boss Rush Mode under 7 minutes
Potion Finish Boss Rush Mode with any time
RPG Finish Boss Rush Mode under 5 minutes
Terror Bear Finish Boss Rush Mode under 8 minutes

All Endings

Hint Nintendo DS
  • Worst Ending: During the second battle with Dario Bossi, simply beat Dario.
  • Bad Ending: During the second battle with Dario Bossi, use the Paranoia soul to enter the mirror. After you beat the new boss, Aguni, go back to the other side of the mirror and get the magic seal. Go to the center of the castle and enter the boss door without Mina's tailsman equipped.
  • Best Ending: Use the Paranoia soul to fight Aguni, pick up the magic seal, and go back to the center of the castle. When you enter the boss door have Mina's tailsman equipped. You will now get a more extended version of the game and all you have to do is beat it.