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Casino Games available at Spanish 21 Blackjack with a little Latin flavor, muy caliente! Solitaire One of the difficult games to win. Think you can do it? Blackjack You feeling lucky? Well, blackjack will test you to see how lucky you really are. Caribbean Stud Poker Caribbean style. One hand, one bet. Think you can handle it? Table Poker Jacks or better. A very tough game of poker. Not for the tame of heart. Video Poker Another Jacks or better game, but it's the video version. No crooked dealers. Craps Throw the dice and try to win the big money. Just watch out for the snake eyes. Roulette Watch the ball go round and round, all the while praying that it'll land on your number. Pulltabs Pull and peel your way to your fortune. Slots Think you'll get lucky against the one armed bandit? Think again!

Casino Games Cheats

Dinosaur Cameo

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If you keep folding in the poker game, a Dinosaur will appear. This is only part of the graphics and has no effect on the game.

Play As Mr Sega

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NOTE: You will need to have the instructions book for this game to get the acount number. Select the 'continue game' option from the main menu. Now look through the instructions book for the page on entering you name and account number. If you look carefully, you will see that the screen shot has a name and account number on it. Enter this name and account number to start with loads of extra cash!

Playing Tips

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Nancy is the easiest mark. Generally if the character takes 4 cards, then stays, bet it all (as much as possible), and he/she will fold, giving you all the money.