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Fallout: New Vegas Preview

Fallout: New Vegas Preview

Three years after the events of Fallout 3, the franchise returns with Fallout: New Vegas. Concentrated within the Las Vegas Valley and the Mojave Des Read More

GameZone Staff June 15, 2010 | Comments

Vegas Party - WII - Review

Betting, bingo, blackjack. Imagineyou are sitting in front of your tuxedo-wearing dealer holding your cards with shows, extravagant statues and brigh Read More

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WiiWare Takes Over as Virtual Console Takes a Week Off

WiiWare Takes Over as Virtual Console Takes a Week Off

The moment has finally arrived, as WiiWare has made its official US launch, and to celebrate, the Virtual Console "Wii-kly Update" is taking a week off. Says Nintendo, "To celebrate today's launch of the new WiiWareâ„¢ downloadable game service for Wiiâ„¢, there will be no Virtual Consoleâ„¢ games added today. But don't worry - next week the Wii-kly Update will be back to its regular Monday schedule, bringing Wii owners information about the best classic Virtual Console titles and coolest new WiiWare games." So, instead of something old this week, we get something new. And unlike the one or two-game-a-week Virtual Console updates, WiiWare kicks off with six titles from which to choose. The first game on the lineup may very well be the biggest, as Square Enix launches Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King. A one-player title for 1,500 Wii Points, it's rated E for Everyone, due to Mild Fantasy Violence and Mild Suggestive Themes. Touted as a simulation, it challenges players to rebuild a kingdom in the role of the titular young king, who must face an adventure full of mystery and intrigue on his path of discover. Read More

kombo May 12, 2008 | Comments
Clank Gets a Date on PSP

Clank Gets a Date on PSP

Just got off the horn with Sony, and great news! Clank has a date! Check him out, will you? He's got the suit going on and everything; whoever it is, he'll knock them dead. Clank will wine 'em and dine 'em, maybe take her to see Iron Man (rumor is he has a certain unstated affinity for Shellhead)... Sniff, our little robot... he's all grown up. And now... whup, hang on a sec, telephone. Oh... how awkward. Turns out, Clank has a release date, for his new PSP title, Secret Agent Clank. Well, now isn't this embarrassing? Yeah, actually, as it turns out, last week Sony had a Vegas-style Casino Night going with some Blackjack to celebrate the release and brief the press (no Canucks allowed, apparently). Previews are starting to pop up from those other guys, but we can at least say this much: Secret Agent Clank will be sneaking into stores on June 17th. Read More

kombo May 6, 2008 | Comments