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Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion Review

Over the years, players have witnessed more and more characters from the video game world make their appearances in the fighting genre. With Smash Brothers and the recent popularity of the revamped Street Fighter series, players have been more excited than ever to see new additions to the fighting scene. For 3DS, a number of fighting titles have already been released, but the newest one, Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion, might be the one that receives the most attention. Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion is definitely a unique title. It is somewhat similar to Smash Brothers, but without the instant charm that the Nintendo characters always seem to bring. However, Cartoon Network PTE does offer a great selection of Cartoon Network characters for fans old and new. Longtime fans of... Read Review

Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion Cheats

Unlockable Characters in Battle Mode:

Blossom Win 12 Matches in battle mode
Bubbles Win 7 games in battle mode vs CPU
Captain Knuckles Win 3 games in battle mode vs CPU
Captain Planet Win 75 Matches in battle mode
Father Win 42 Matches in battle mode
Grim Win 25 Matches in battle mode
Mojo Jojo Win 63 Matches in battle mode
Monkey Win 18 Matches in battle mode
Samurai Jack Win 33 Matches in battle mode
Vilgax Win 52 Matches in battle mode