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Singularity Review

  Stories based on the premise of time travel often end up needlessly convoluted, and Singularity is no exception. That doesn't make the overall experience any less satisfying, though. Even those averse to paradoxical parambulations shouldn't let the plot stop them from picking this title up; the real meat is in the varied and polished gameplay. For a BioShock clone, Singularity has a ton of original ideas, and even those that are borrowed from other games are executed with finesse. After crash landing on an abandoned Soviet island, Captain Renko - the game's silent-but-deadly protagonist - is unwillingly transported back to 1955, at the height of the facility's experimental research into the newly discovered Element 99. Naturally, Renko screws up history, and when he's promptly hurled back to the future, he discovers that the entire world is now ruled by a communist chancellor. Hit the jump to continue reading. Read More


Top Ten Most Wanted Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Characters

The announcement of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 from Capcom was quite possibly one of the greatest mass internet nerd-gasms of all time. Fighting fans have been screaming for this game for a decade. License issues barred any hope of it ever happening (and actually got the PS2 and Xbox ports pulled after a brief production run), and the presumed death of 2D fighting games basically made it a fanboy pipe dream forevermore. Well, not anymore. 2D fighters are back in a big way, and Marvel's popularity has skyrocketed since the beginning of the nearly ten year franchise moratorium. Think about it. The last MvC title was released all the way back before the first Toby McGuire Spider-Man movie. A lot has changed since the Dreamcast's swan song. Marvel is now owned by Disney. 8-bit Mega Man is cool again. Yet a few things stay the same, like the fact that Hulk movies still suck, and fans eternally obsessing about who is and who isn't going to make the cut for what will undoubtedly be the most bitched-about fighting game roaster of all time. Marvel and Capcom both share an absurd wealth of classic franchise faces. Will they rely on familiar brand staples and fan favorites, or take a few risks with new or generally unknown cult characters? V.S. series regular Chun-Li is obviously in (her silhouette is on the teaser art), and the much welcomed new comic relief Deadpool made his debut at E3. What else is in the cards is unknown (Gambit plz), but here's a list of ten essentials that Capcom needs to make happen. #10: Blade Dating back to 1973, Blade's character (based loosely on a composite of various black actors, most specifically Jim Brown) came to life in Marvel Comics' The Tomb of Dracula #10. You could count the reasons Blade deserves to be in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 all day. He has a background in street fighting. He's a master swordsman and lethal with throwing knives, so he can counter an assault from Strider. He is a trained marksman who can compete with Chris Redfield's heavy artillery. Most importantly of all, he's a freaking vampire hunter. Blade versus any number of Darkstalkers (Morrigan & Felicia, already having been confirmed) is something worth the price of admission alone. To paraphrase Darth Vader, "It's time to increase the level of black representation on the committee.". Let's get captain flat-top in the game Capcom. Read More


Do What You Want 'Cause A Pirate Is Free; You Are Captain Blood

As everyone well knows, pirates are free. This means that they do what they want. Yet strangely, nautical adventures—like Westerns—are one of those under-represented genres in gaming. In the past, we've had Sid Meier's Pirates!, a couple of woeful Pirates of the Caribbean games and Skies of Arcadia. Okay, Skies of Arcadia was about flying pirates who ended up saving the world. But they were still pirates. Then there are the Monkey Island games, of course. Though those are more renowned for their comedy rather than their piratical theme. Upcoming PC and Xbox 360 game Captain Blood looks set to bring high-seas adventure home once again. Find out more after the jump. Read More


E3 2010: Warriors: Legends of Troy Hands-On

Dynasty Warriors is easily Koei's most successful franchise since 1997. You perhaps wouldn't know that the franchise was on display at E3 because Koei dropped the "Dynasty" from the title and moved it out of Japan for the first time. Perhaps as a response to movies such as 300 or TV series such as Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Warriors: Legends of Troy will be the first in the franchise to be set outside of Japan (specifically during the Trojan War), and will be drenched in copious amounts of blood specifically for the Western market. An M-rating is guaranteed. Read More