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Cheats for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Quick Revive Perma-Perk

  • All platforms
  • hint

Note: This only works in tranzit. Revive the same teammate 15 times or more in the same round. You will then notice a green flash pop out of your teammate, meaning you unlocked it. I recommend doing this in round 1. Now you can revive your teammates faster without buying the quick revive perk. This unlock will be saved in your profile troughout your future tranzit games.

Activision Atari games in Nuketown

  • All platforms
  • egg

To turn the television in the center of Nuketown into an Atari gaming screen, you have to go into a custom match (By yourself or with friends). From there, once the match starts, you have 2 minutes to shoot off every head of the mannequins! There is 20 of them, and every time you try, they will randomly spawn. Always look outside of the map too!

Diamond Camo for Multiplayer Guns

  • All platforms
  • unlock
Diamond camo Get gold on every weapon in a group

The Tranzit Song

  • Xbox 360
  • egg

Right I was playing with my friend,when I said "Do you know any Easter eggs??"Then he said he new one.The song can be hard because its about timing so first: You need to go on Xbox Live and and find a match of zombies on Tranzit,if your smart you will build the wind machine and open the door.Once you get out side you will see the bus,go in front of it and look for the row of benches on your left,check all the benches until you see a Teddy Bear.Hold X or square on the PS2 .Get on the bus and wait till you get to the farm. Once you reach the farm gate go through and open the door to the house go up the stairs and on a matress there should be another teddy,same again either hold X or Square on it.Then you need to run get on the bus and wait until you get to the map town .Allmost there.Get out of the bus and on the other side of the bus open the door that door that has the sign "BAR"go in on the stall on your right there should be the last Teddy Bear hold "X" or Square.And there you have it,a neat song.